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Fishmonger Jo & a New Zealand King Salmon Fishmonger Jo

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Jo Rasmussen is a fresh seafood export sales representative for Thomas Calvert & Associates in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Jo has been in the industry for well over 10 years, and has always strived to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to all of her clients. Whether that customer be a purchasing agent, a fresh seafood buyer or an executive chef from one of Hawaii's top restaurants, Jo believes that every person is worthy of the royal treatment.

In line with her philosophy of providing world class service, she is developing this website to better serve her customers. The site will not only help provide information, but it will also provide a community where everyone is welcome to take a look around and participate in her virtual Hawaiian lifestyle website. In addition to food, Jo will also be featuring Island artists and musicians to enhance your experience.

Thomas Calvert & Associates
834 Pohukaina Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Office: (808)534-0737
Fax: (808)534-1309

Thomas Calvert & Associates Seafood Brokers is now the place where Jo hangs her hat and rubber boots. Jo has recently expanded her horizons by diving into the export business after 5 years experience working with Hawaii's premier chefs on the wholesale side. Now she'll be bringing her fresh fish expertise from Hawaii to the seafood buyers on the mainland.

Tom Calvert's involvement in the seafood industry spans well over a decade. He started out as a fisherman and his vast experience has ultimately led him to providing an outlet for his colleagues by starting Thomas Calvert & Associates Seafood Brokers which has taken him throughout the Pacific. Thomas Calvert & Associates delivers the finest, fresh-caught fish available to thier mainland customers on a consistent basis.

Honolulu's Fish Auction
United Fishing Agency
Honolulu's Fish Auction

The Honolulu Fish Auction was founded by Japanese immigrant Matsujiro Otani, who started out as a fish peddler and became a millionaire. Otani's United Fishing Agency operated out of a building on Nimitz Highway across from A'ala Park until it was torn down in the '70s. After relocating to Kaka'ako where they stayed for many years, UFA is now leasing a brand new, long awaited, state-of-the-art facility from the State of Hawaii. This new facility at pier 38 was designed as a "fishing village" where the boats offload their cargo directly to the back door of the auction house; a vast improvement over the way things were done in the past, where the fish was trucked, often unrefrigerated (always iced), from the boats to the auction house. You might spot Fishmonger Jo there in her hat and rubber boots scoping out the day's catch from longliners eager to sell their fresh fish. This is where the action is. This is where we as brokers act on your behalf to make sure that your seafood adheres to the highest quality standards of our experienced buyers.

Jo was born and raised on Oahu and grew up in Kalihi Valley in Honolulu. After graduating from Farrington High School, Jo moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and lived in Hilo for about ten years. She spent many years working in entertainment as a radio personality. From there Jo moved to the suburbs of Los Angeles to experience life on the mainland. There she worked her way to a top management position in a video duplicating business. She stayed in California for over twelve years and returned to Honolulu in 1999.

Fishmonger Jo
Fishmonger Jo

Being away from Hawaii for so long left her feeling unsure of what she wanted to do, until she started working for Glenn Tanoue at Tropic Fish & Vegetable Center in 2001. There she found her place in the seafood industry and became one of the top producing sales representives in the company. But there's more to Fishmonger Jo than just fish.

Jo is an avid fan of Ultimate Fighting and enjoys watching University of Hawaii and NFL Football games during football season. When Jo's not watching her favorite match ups on the big screen, she can be found riding her motorcycle or singing karaoke at her favorite watering hole.

The Band named Manua
Fishmonger's Husband, Roy Yamaguchi, Lisa Kim, Thaxton, Hiroshi and Jo (Manua)

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